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Narre Warren South P-12 College

Narre Warren South P-12 College aims to establish a learning environment where young people achieve their personal best in the pursuit of their education and to provide a broad range of educational experiences that support intellectual and social development.

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Respectful Relationship Program

Narre Warren South P-12 College is a Lead School in the State wide rollout of the Respectful Relationships program to combat Family Violence and Gender Inequity. We made the decision to apply to be a lead school, as we firmly believe in the principles of this program. We are a College that says no to domestic violence; indeed we are a College that says no to any violence. We are a College that promotes equality for all, no matter what gender, sexuality, identity, religion or creed. We have made the pledge and we ask the entire community to get behind us and start the conversation. Together, we will make the change.

Student Voice Sticky Tape Challenge. Raised much needed funds for State School Relief. Was a huge success with all teachers remaining stuck to the wall! Huge congratulations to all who took part to make this the success it was.

Pre-Fusion Program

The Pre FUSION Dance Drama program will involve weekly dance lessons including hip-hop and contemporary styles. The Pre FUSION Music program will include small group instrumental music lessons on either voice, drums, guitar, bass guitar and keyboard. Students will also participate in a Modern Band ensemble program. Both streams will have access to many live performance opportunities including assemblies, concerts and events. Both programs run for 45 minute sessions and are on a rotating timetable so that students won't miss out on subjects regularly. If you would like your child to enter eith program please download the form below, complete and return it to the College.

Pre Fusion Application Form

Reading Challenge

This is open to all students from Prep to Year 10 and runs until 7th September 2018. All Primary students are already enrolled. Secondary students wishing to participate, please come and see Ms. Tonkin for registration. Permission is only required for publication on the Honour Role. Just record all the books you have read this year. (Please log onto the PRC Website for more information).

Prep – Grade 2 students must share 30 books with adults – (20 must be Challenge books)

Grade 4 – Year 10 must read 15 books – (10 must be Challenge books)

2018 Booklists. Please see links for year level booklists & ISBN Numbers for Titles.

Year 7 7 ISBN Year 8 8 ISBN Year 9 9 ISBN Year 10 10 ISBN Year 11 11 ISBN Year 12 12 ISBN