Fusion Music

Welcome to the FUSION Performing Arts Program – Specialist Dance/Drama and Music program for Year 7 students. A program that inspires, excels and enriches students’ lives in countless ways.

The FUSION Performing Arts Program at Narre Warren South P-12 College is separated into 2 steams; Dance/Drama and Music. Students have the ability to choose which steam they would like to focus on. Each stream consists of a home group which runs on a slightly altered timetable allowing students to develop their artistic talents while concurrently receiving their secondary education.

The FUSION home groups will attend core subjects but will be supplemented by a creative and exciting classroom music curriculum, an extensive instrumental music and ensemble program, or a dance/drama curriculum offering an extensive practical program.

We believe the Performing Arts not only promotes higher academic performance but is an intrinsically enriching and a rewarding experience.

It has been well documented that learning Performing Arts at school is beneficial for students. From higher academic scores, co-ordination, perseverance, team work, reading, comprehension, concentration, self-expression and enhanced social skills. The FUSION program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their Performing Arts talents and provide innovative and contemporary music education integrated in their academic studies.

We aim to support students in developing their unique gifts and the skills needed forlifelong learning and achieving their potential.

We strive to empower students with confidence and promote a culture of excellence with high academic achievement.

You can find out more information about Fusion by checking out the Handbook. Please find the Fusion Application Form below.

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STEM is everywhere. Our health, safety, relationships with family and friends and even our jobs are shaped by the innovation in technology that we discover in science. Economies are built around new technologies that help to find new and better ways of doings things. STEM skills are becoming increasingly important in the workforce as employers are aiming to recruit technicians and trade workers with STEM skills.

The success of VCE maths and science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Math Methods and Specialist Math are often developed from an earlier age. The STEM programs aims to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of these 4 disciplines. Knowledge that can turn into innovation, innovation that becomes influence. We at Narre Warren South P-12 College are providing the opportunity to students that have a keen interest in the maths and science subjects to expand their horizon. To not only learn the skills that come from the understanding of STEM subjects but to think and relate those skills to society.

The STEM program will start from Year 7 where students will be work on developing skills in problem solving, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as enhancing their own skills to help them in their future careers.

Each term there will be up to two major projects that will be undertaken. These projects will encourage the students to solve authentic problems and work together in teams or even as a class to build real solutions.

To learn more about the STEM program you can check out the S.T.E.M Brochure.

S.T.E.M Brochure S.T.E.M Application Form

PTS. Pathways Through Sport

Welcome to the Pathways Through Sport (PTS) Program – a specialist sport program for capable athletes from all sporting interests commencing Year 7 in 2018. This program will develop the athlete in a holistic way: academically, athletically and by developing leadership ability.

The Pathways Through Sport program at Narre Warren South P-12 is focused on developing students’ academic success through their sporting interests and achievements. It will run with one home group that follow their own timetable and offers an integrated sport themed curriculum. The program also contains a competitive physical activity environment to develop student athletic ability during physical education classes, as well as exposing students to a variety of educational and practical experiences to shape their future sporting pathways and potential through the PTS program specific subject.

The cost for this program is $400 which will cover excursions, training sessions and access to sport science facilities.

How to apply for the PTS program

Applications are currently open. Please download and complete the form below and return to the main reception in A Block. Applications must be received by April 26th 2017. Fitness testing will be conducted on Thursday 11th May, 2017 at 4pm. For further information, please contact Kate Chambers at chambers.kate.l@edumail.vic.gov.au

PTS Application Form