Secondary Student Voice

“Giving Students a voice is not simply about the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it is also having the power to influence change” (West 2004)

At Narre Warren South we have been running a Student Voice, our form of Student Council, for several years now. The Student Voice is a Student led representative council whereby students can become involved in many areas of the College, working in partnership with school management and staff for the benefit of the College and the students.

“Meaningful involvement of students means validating and authorizing them to represent their own ideas, opinions, knowledge and experiences throughout education in order to improve our College.” (Fletcher, 2005)

Student Voice Sticky Tape Challenge. Raised much needed funds for State School Relief. Was a huge success with all teachers reamining stuck to the wall! Huge congratulations to all who took part to make this the success it was.

Why is Student Voice important?

We know that student achievement and engagement will increase when students have more ownership of their school community and of their learning.

In 2017 the Secondary Student Voice will be a two tier structure; with an Executive Board constituting the School Captains, Vice Captains, the Year Level Captains and the House Sports Captains. The second tier is made up of the Home Group Representatives. All members of the Student Voice will be part of one of six sub-committees: Curriculum Committee, Student Welfare Committee, Events and Charities Committee, School Environment Committee, Sports Events Committee and Media Committee. Students will work on projects in their sub-committees and develop their communication, planning and organizational skills, that will benefit them in their future. This will enable the students to take responsibility for their projects and work in all aspects of the College. The students will feedback through regular year level meetings to their cohort as well as meeting regularly with members of the Principal Class and the College Council.