Special Programs

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2022 Year 7 Special Program Applications.

Applications close on 4pm Friday 20th August 2021, no late applications will be accepted. Applications will only be accepted if you reside within our enrolment zone or have a sibling currently attending the College. A hard copy of the Special Program Application can be collected from A Block Reception.

Fusion Music

The FUSION Music program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their musical talents and provide innovative and contemporary music education integrated in their academic studies. The program inspires, excels and enriches students’ lives through music. We aim to support students in developing their unique gifts and the skills needed for lifelong learning and achieving their potential. The FUSION home groups will attend core subjects but will be supplemented by a creative and exciting classroom music curriculum, an extensive instrumental music and ensemble program. The Fusion Music program begins at Year Seven and continues up to Year Ten.

It has been well documented that learning music at school is beneficial for students. From higher academic scores, co-ordination, perseverance, team work, reading, comprehension, concentration, self-expression and enhanced social skills. The FUSION program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their music talents and provide innovative and contemporary music education integrated in their academic studies.

Curriculum structures

Students study the majority of the standard year seven and eight Curriculum, however will do one less Art/Technology rotation per semester and also do not study a second language. Students will study two additional subjects: Modern Band - Students form small contemporary ensembles learning a wide range of modern repertoire. Performance skills are developed through regular live showcases inside and outside of the school. Ensemble - Students learn either a woodwind or brass instrument through private or group instrumental lessons, tutorials and concert band. In Year Eight students are invited to continue their instrument or move to a rhythm section instrument or singing. The ensemble program also focuses on music theory and ear training.

Program Outcomes

Fusion Music prepares students for VCE and VET music pathways, links to industry pathways such as Musician, Audio Engineering and Composition.

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Fusion Dance/Drama

What is Fusion Dance/Drama ?

A program that develops confidence, creativity, and enhances physical and verbal expression. By learning and implementing established dramatic arts techniques and drawing from a wide array of dance styles, our learners have the opportunity to emulate the work of influential artists and develop original works of their own, performing for a wide variety of audiences. Students also have the opportunity to observe professional artistic performances, analysing and drawing inspiration from those works.

Curriculum structures

Students study the majority of the standard Year 7 and Curriculum, however they will do one less Art/Technology rotation per semester and do not study a second language. Students instead study two additional subjects:

  • Dance - in this subject, students explore a range of movement techniques and styles, as well as completing a component on anatomy and kinaesthetics. Students collaborate on a creative choreography unit, refining original pieces, culminating in formal performances.
  • Drama - students explore a range of dramatic techniques, including character development, vocal expression, blocking, mise en scene, set design, costuming and props. Through a range of performance activities and analysis of professional examples, students develop and refine their own performances, design complementary stagecraft choices, and provide meaningful feedback to enhance the work of fellow students, taking on roles as an actor, director, and designer.

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STEM is everywhere. Our health, safety, relationships with family and friends and even our jobs are shaped by the innovation in technology that we discover in science. Economies are built around new technologies that help to find new and better ways of doings things. STEM skills are becoming increasingly important in the workforce as employers are aiming to recruit technicians and trade workers with STEM skills.

The success of VCE maths and science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Math Methods and Specialist Math are often developed from an earlier age. The STEM programs aims to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of these 4 disciplines. Knowledge that can turn into innovation, innovation that becomes influence. We at Narre Warren South P-12 College are providing the opportunity to students that have a keen interest in the maths and science subjects to expand their horizon. To not only learn the skills that come from the understanding of STEM subjects but to think and relate those skills to society.

The STEM program will start from Year 7 where students will be work on developing skills in problem solving, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as enhancing their own skills to help them in their future careers.

Each term there is a major project that is undertaken. This project will encourage the students to solve authentic problems and work together in teams or even as a class to build real solutions.

You can learn more about the STEM program here. Stem Program

S.T.E.M Brochure

PTS. Pathways Through Sport

Welcome to the Pathways Through Sport (PTS) Program – a specialist sport program for capable athletes from all sporting interests commencing in Year 7.

The PTS program at Narre Warren South P-12 College is focused on developing students’ academic success through their sporting interests and achievements. The program is designed to take on a holistic view of sport and physical activity, aiming to improve all elements of both schooling and personal health. The program contains a competitive physical activity environment to develop athletic ability during physical education classes, as well as theoretically based concepts aimed to excel the student into VCE and VCAL pathways. We endeavour to expose students to a variety of educational and practical experiences to shape their future academic and sporting pathways.

The cost for this program is $400 which will cover excursions, training sessions and access to sport science facilities.


  • Body Systems – 2 hours per week (1 x double period)
  • Recreation and Leisure – 2 Hours per week (1 x double period)

Learning Focus

  • Body systems Lab reports
  • Environmental Issues
  • Musculoskeletal quizzes
  • Camping
  • Cardio-respiratory research project
  • Athlete Nutrition
  • Hiking
  • Fitness testing
  • Coaching
  • Training Program Reflection Diary
  • Umpiring
  • Athlete Recovery

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VAMM Visual Arts Multi Media

The Visual Arts and Multi-media program at Narre Warren South P-12 College is focused on fostering and developing the talent, passion and skill of students within the many facets of the Visual Arts. Students attend core subjects whilst developing their practical skills and are encouraged to adopt more abstract thought processes through their studies of the Arts. Students will explore hands on skills through teacher expertise and external providers such as practicing artists and tailored excursions to galleries to maximise their exposure to artistic processes and ideas. They will be encouraged to follow an artistic process in the completion of their artworks which may take on a variety of forms from two dimensional work, sculpture, installation and digital media. Each semester students will showcase their work in a public forum and celebrate achievement and success with their peers and family. Ultimately, the program will extend students skills in the Visual Arts and Multi-Media and is designed to foster confidence, curiosity and imagination.

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Priority enrolments are provided to students within our current School Zone as set out by the Department of Education and Training. We foresee that students within our school zone or with older siblings enrolled for 2021 will most likely bring the school to full capacity in Year 7 for 2021. Those outside our school zone due to restricted numbers enrolments are unlikely to be successful. This applies to all students, including those wishing to apply for special curriculum programs (FUSION, PTS, STEM, VAMM).