Welcome to Secondary Years 7-12

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Welcome to Secondary. It's an exciting time of your life as you enter the world of timetables, science labs, canteens, lockers, multiple teachers and a whole range of new experiences! During Year 7 you will experience Art, Media, Drama and Digital Technologies. During year 8 you will complete Visual Communication, Wood Technology, Music and Food Technology.

In Year 8 you will have four theme days and four activity days throughout the year as well as doing all the subjects you did in Year 7. For the very first time, during term 3 you will get to choose from 28 elective subjects to do in Year 9.

In Year 9 you will be doing your own four electives for 3 hours a week. Also, you will have to choose electives for year 10 and start to make decisions whether to do Pre-Cal or follow the VCE path.

One of the key learning tools for the 21st century learner are electronic devices. Immersion in technology does not diminish the vital role of the teacher. To the contrary, it transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning. Effective teaching and learning technology into the curriculum anytime, anywhere. Narre Warren South P-12 College understands that technology is constantly changing and that steps must be taken to ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge needed to participate as global citizens of the 21st century. Narre Warren has invested heavily into technology providing all students an opportunity to have access to a device will make possible greater engagement, collaboration and communication among students and between students and the rest of the world. It will support innovative learning, collaborative inquiry and vital skills development, including digital literacy and problem solving. It will also assist teachers with providing personalised, student-centred, and point of need teaching and learning.


All students enrolled at Narre Warren South P-12 College are to attend in full school uniform. The purpose of the Narre Warren South P-12 College Uniform is: To create a sense of collective and individual pride in Narre Warren South P-12 College students and the identification with our school. To assist in individual student safety and group security when traveling to and from school and on school excursions. To promote active and safe participation in school life. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Uniform Policy.

Students are expected to adhere to the College Uniform Policy at all times. PE uniform may be worn on days where students have a PE class. Students should be wearing either full school uniform OR their PE uniform, not a combination of both. This includes appropriate footwear. If there is a reason your child is unable to attend school in the appropriate uniform, please provide a written explanation.

Secondary Uniform Pricelist Uniform Information Pack 2020-21

Year 10, VCE, VCAL/VET

Over the last 18 years our College has grown dramatically to where it is now, one of the largest single campus schools in the State. We are a school who prides ourselves in offering our students a diverse range of innovative programs that cater for the individual needs and aspirations of all students. These programs also support personal growth, encourage self-discipline and promote social responsibility. With these opportunities comes an expectation of performance. Our expectation as a College is that each student will perform to the best of their ability in their chosen program.

In 2019 we exceeded our excellent results of the last few years. Again we achieved the best results in the state for VCAL and VET and a VCE median score of 32.

In providing areas of study in Years 11 and 12 for 2021, a broad and inclusive range of courses will be offered. These will include: on and off site Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs, the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) which conducts course components that incorporate work based training, and a large range of the courses of study offered in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

To ensure all students select and undertake appropriate and relevant programs, intensive course counselling and information sessions have been made available to all students and parents. This has also been supported through our Managing Individual Pathways (MIPS) program where all students over fifteen have received individual counselling in investigating and setting suitable goals for further education, training and future employment. A further information session and follow up course counselling session will be conducted during the final course selection period early Term 3 to assist students in their selection of courses. In view of this support all students will be well positioned to select courses and/or training programs pertinent to their individual needs and interests.

It is important you keep the school informed of changes, such as contact phone numbers, addresses and access restrictions. Always notify the class teacher and the General Office, of any temporary or new arrangements. Please print our Change of Details form, complete and return to the General Office, A Block.

Change of Details form

Handbooks. Please see links for handbooks for year levels

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2021 Booklists. For further information on all year level booklists and ordering please visit booklists.lamontbooks.com

2021 Canteen Pricelist. Please see link for full menu containing prices and how to order lunch orders.

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Medication Authority. If a student requires medication whilst at school it is a requirement that the Sickbay is given the authority by a parent or guardian to administer the medication. Please download, fill out and return the form below to the Sickbay.

Medication Authority

To contact our Secondary Team please call Secondary Reception on 9704 3358. For all enrolments or school tour bookings please contact our Enrolment Officer on 9704 3333.