Primary Student Voice

Our innovative Student Leadership Program centres on building leadership capacity in our students and empowering them to make a positive influence in the world. It involves leaders from Years 3 - 6 in Primary, where students work collaboratively to respond to school student and local community needs. Student Voice Leaders conduct many activities throughout the year to raise money for a number of charities. Student Voice has raised the profile of and respect for our students and their contributions to major community events.

Please read the Student Voice Booklet for more information:

Student Voice Booklet

Secondary Student Voice

At NWSC P-12 students have the opportunity to apply for various leadership roles in the College.

  • Student Leadership Group (VCAL/VCE) a. School Captains (VCAL/VCE) b. VCAL Captains c. Senior School Leaders
  • Student Voice Captains (Years 7-11) Four Captains at each year level
  • Sports Captains and Assistants (Years 9 and 10)
  • Arts Captains (Visual Art, Music, Dance and Drama)
  • Cyber Team members (Year 9 and 10)
  • Debate Captains
  • Class Captains in home groups

Student Voice Team Year Level Captains

The Student Voice Captains embody the school values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedicated Teamwork and Excellence. (PRIDE). The successful candidates are responsible for:

  • Presenting year level issues to the Student Voice Team (SVT)
  • Meet with the Year Level Team Leaders where / when required (usually at least once a fortnight)
  • Setting up, organising and running the year level assemblies in close consultation with the Team Leaders
  • Maintaining the SVT notice boards with relevant, up to date information
  • Surveying the cohort where/when required
  • Participating in Leadership and Team Work Sessions
  • Representing their cohort/school at College wide events and in the Community where required
  • Assisting with school wide events/ activities eg. School Production, Multicultural Days, etc.
  • Representing the SVT on College wide committees eg. Wellbeing, Curriculum, Coaching

Sports Captains and Assistants

The Sports Captains embody the school values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedicated Teamwork and Excellence. (PRIDE). Their roles will involve:

  • Assisting the House Leaders where required.
  • Dressing in House colours and being a role model for others
  • Assist in the House sign ups for XCountry, Swimming and Athletics Days
  • Organise and run house competitions – 1 each term
  • Organise and run Teacher Vs Students Competitions.
  • Reports to the SVT Teacher

Cyber Team Members

The Cyber Team embody the school values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedicated Teamwork and Excellence. (PRIDE). Their role will involve:

  • Reporting to the Student Voice Team (SVT) on issues arising from I.T./Technology Area
  • Routine checking of resources and devices across the College
  • Regular checking of cables, chrome books and cabinets
  • Assisting staff/ CRT when required
  • Participating in training and leadership activities
  • Completing jobs/tasks as requested by the I.T. staff/ library staff
  • Learning basic maintenance for photocopiers/printers
  • Assisting in the creating and compilation of surveys
  • Regularly meeting with the SV teacher
  • Acting as a social media facilitator together with SV teacher
  • Following a social media Code of Conduct in line with the Vic Education Dept.

Arts Captains and Debate Captains

The Arts Captains must be able to lead but also enable others to develop their leadership skills in the Arts/Creative Fields. Students are chosen for the ways they can lead, serve, contribute and continually improve the culture for students at NWSC P-12. The Arts Captains (music, dance and drama) demonstrate that Student Leadership is about empowering others through successful modelling and encouragement.

Class Captains

Students will have the opportunity to apply for homegroup Class Captains. They will need to apply with their homegroup teacher in conjunction with the year level team leaders and Assistant Principals responsible for the relevant Sub Schools. The role of the Class captains includes:

  • Acting as the class representative to the homegroup teacher, Year level team and Sub school AP
  • Being a role model for attendance, uniform and behaviour
  • Representing the homegroup in sub school meetings
  • Reporting to the SV representatives any issues concerning year 9 students
  • Reading the bulletin during homegroup
  • Assisting the Year level team where and when required, eg. At assemblies, wellbeing days.

Want to know more?

Look at the Student Voice Noticeboards in your area. (Senior school, Middle school or Junior school or outside the SV office near D14.)

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