The Learning Hub

Our Vision

To develop in students a desire to successfully improve their behaviours through participation and connection with the Learning Hub program. The staff demonstrate strategies so that participants can implement changes in their lives to reach their potential. We aim to facilitate the process of developing emotional intelligence so that students can strive to reach their personal goals.


The NWSP-12 College Learning Hub will provide a fully articulated and documented 10 week program for intake students. The focus is on developing the whole person – supporting student growth academically, socially and emotionally through a range of activities, projects, programs and experiences.

Student Cohort

Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 are referred to the Learning Hub for a number of reasons including frequent absences, lack of connectedness to family, school or community, bullying, abuse of staff or students, not following teacher instruction, class disruption, poor peer relations, poor anger management, destructiveness and attention seeking behaviour. These students are not achieving success at school and the behaviours that they are displaying are in need of change and guidance through reinforcement of positive aspects of each student.

Referral and Intake Process

Referral of students to the Learning Hub is made by the Sub School or Wellbeing team directly to the Assistant Principal of the Learning Hub. Once referred, students are invited along with their Parent/Guardian to an intake meeting. The aims of the intake meetings are to assess the student’s level of understanding of their own issues and problems at school and ascertain their willingness and readiness to make changes. Once interviewed, the student and Parent/Guardian are given the necessary details to contact the Learning Hub to indicate that they are willing to commit to the program.

Program Design

The program offered is a fully integrated experiential learning program that runs for ten weeks. The program is conducted by a team of two teachers, and relevant educational support staff in close collaboration with the Sub School leadership. Each subject is delivered in a flexible manner which allows for individualised learning to better cater for student’s needs. We further enhance engagement by giving our students voice and choice in their learning, from choosing their weekly menus in food technology, to negotiating when they will be ready to undertake their Maths tests. Students are given a degree of autonomy over what they do in the Learning Hub.

In addition to the curriculum, students develop their vocational skills to improve their employability and readiness for the workforce. In the Learning Hub they have the opportunity to complete their certificates in First Aid, Food Handling and Barista.

Students engage in weekly excursions where they experience “challenge through adventure.” Students learn to grow their comfort circle and extend their self-belief by engaging in activities they might not have previously done or going further than they have before. These activities may include but are not limited to: Rock Climbing, Surfing, Skateboarding, CrossFit and Bounce. Students can then take what they have learned from these activities into their normal lives.

Daily focus of the program:

  • Relationship building
  • Motivation
  • Engagement
  • Respect
  • Achievement
  • Commitment

Wellbeing Programs

Target Groups. Prep - Grade 6

  • Futures in Mind. Partnership with Futures in Mind to deliver counselling to Primary Students.
  • Games Room. Alternative social games in a safe setting for students looking for playtime variety.
  • Peaceful Kids. The 'Peaceful Kids' program is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children.
  • Dad's Night BBQ. Students/Parents/Carers. Facilitate a safe/fun space for parents, carers and young people.
  • Parent Morning Teas. To engage parents of school community in life of school.

Target Groups. Prep - Grade 1

Casey Safety Village. Educating Grade 1 students on Road safety and Fire safety (annual).

Target Groups. Grade 6 - Year 9

  • AMP/Y Girls - City of Casey Youth Services. City of Casey run program that promotes self-esteem, conflict and stress management, relationships, safer and positive choices, communication and how to seek support.
  • Back Off Bullies. To run peer-led education about cyber bullying for Year 8 students.
  • City of Casey Youth Forum. Grade 6 Student Leaders. Building leadership capacity in young leaders in the community.
  • Get Linked - Ambulance Victoria. To increase year 9 student's knowledge and skills of CPR and emergency situations.
  • Hands on Learning (HOL). To utlise a hands on approach for Years 7 - 9 re-engagement to increase attitudes and behaviour in school.
  • I Am girls - Planetshakers. Year 9 Girls. Self-esteem, conflict and stress management, relationships, safer and positive choices, communication and how to seek support for issues
  • Peer Support. A part of transition where students from Year 8 - 10 run up to 4 sessions with Year 7's in Term 1.
  • Pre Orientation Day. External Gr 6’s. Transition - trained Peer Support leaders run activities with external grade 6 students enrolled for Yr 7 the following year.
  • Respect Connect Protect - SECASA. The Respect Protect Connect program aims to help schools do this by broadening Year 8's definition of violent behaviour and raising awareness about its impact on their health.
  • Step Back THINK! To raise awareness with Year 8's about social violence and keeping safe.

Target Groups. Grade 7 - Year 12

  • 360 Bus. City of Casey Mobile Youth Centre.
  • Find Your Zen. To run lunchtime relaxation sessions in the study hall.
  • Lunchtime Program - PlanetShakers. To build positive and supportive environment while establishing relationships with Youth workers.
  • New @ P-12 lunch. To welcome newly enrolled students to the school and introduced them to the wellbeing team.
  • OK2BU. To create a safe place for same sex attracted, Gender Diverse and allies to meet once a week.
  • Phil Cleary presentation. To raise awareness of violence against women and enhancing respectful relationships.
  • PlanetShakers mentoring. To connect students with positive role models.
  • Presentations on sexual consent. To teach students about sexual consent in the context of healthy respectful relationships.
  • R U OK? Day. To raise awareness of engaging in regular and meaningful conversations with others.
  • The 4C's - Cultivating Creative Cultures with Community. To increase engagement and build relationships with students and families through dance and celebration.
  • Wear It Purple Day. To raise awareness and support for sexual and gender diversity and inclusiveness in the school community.
  • Wellbeing days. To promote wellbeing and have fun.

Target Groups. Whole School

  • Breakfast Club. Focus on nutrition, promote relationships and start the day well together.
  • eSmart. To increase understanding and knowledge for staff, students, and parents on cyber safety.
  • KidsMatter/MindMatters. A framework to provide the methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community and promote positive mental health and prevention of mental health difficulties.